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Committed to Excellence

Bee began their journey through pet care at five years old, surrounded by animals of all kinds (furred, feathered and scaled,) in their family home. Their parents taught them the foundations of being the primary caretaker for their pets: how to approach a new animal, introduce them and learn about their unique needs. Bee's approach to animal caretaking starts on the foundation of love and nurturing. With over 20 years of experience, Bee is sure to provide your animals with the highest quality of care possible. They are certain to leave your spaces as clean as, or cleaner than when you arrived and your pet(s) thankful for their visit.

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Word on the Street

Bee looked after my 8 week old pit bull cross puppy, she is quite the handful at this age and bee gave Arya their full attention and played with her and really enjoyed the work, was happy to do it, and no task was too big and they were happy to come sit with her last minute when I was struggling to find someone, 10/10 recommend and would go to bee again.

Nico L.

Bee was very thorough and a very caring cat sitter. They went above and beyond to even bring our kitty extra treats and toys, and spent time giving her love while we were away.
We received detailed updates after every visit from Bee, along with pictures. By far the most responsible cat sitter we have had. It shows that they really care about the animals they watch.

Nikayla Z.

Great experience! The daily updates were awesome to read, they came with full details and pretty cool pictures of our cat. She offered to take care of our plants as well, we told her we didn't know anything about how to take care of them or when to water them. When we came back we found sticky notes on our plant pots with info on what kind of plant it was and how to take care of them in detail, we thought that was pretty thoughtful.

Carlos P.

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